Graduation, Memories, and Yard Signs

Dan Van Waes

In the back of my mind, I picture this black and white photograph that is of a 5 year old at kindergarten graduation. Of course, that child is me in a little white cap and gown. I don't know that I really remember that graduation, but I certainly remember all of my other graduations - 8th grade, high school, college. 

My son is a senior in high school this year, and we just learned that his school is indefinitely postponing graduation ceremonies due to COVID-19. Of course, that is not an unexpected decision. But still, in the back of my mind with that kindergarten graduation photo, I had hoped differently.

I've spent the last three weeks designing simple yard signs for moms, dads, and students who also are grieving graduation. Maybe grief is a bit too dramatic, but given the significance I have placed on those events in my life, those memories tucked away in the back of my mind have a little bit of sadness to go along.

We have had an overwhelming response to our graduation/student signs - way more than I ever imagined. I guess it's safe to say that many people attribute great memories to graduations. Perhaps our simple yard signs will provide graduation memories for students and families to keep forever in the back of their minds as well.