Life Is About Signs

Jennifer Van Waes

This may be a little personal for our sign blog, but after all, this is about life's moments and sign making. We are a family owned business and family is important. Yesterday, I took my 89 year old dad to the hospital for issues related to dementia and declining health. It is not unexpected because we have seen the signs for a long time. 

Signs are an important part of life and business. We send messages to those around us about who we are and what we are about. A 2012 Fed Ex survey found that 76% of consumers will enter a shop based upon the strength of its signage. 52% indicated that would be reluctant to enter a shop with little to no signage, and 60% said they would not enter businesses with poor signage. Your signs matter!

The design of your signage and branding can speak volumes about your business. The typography, color, size and materials used might portray a friendly customer service environment or perhaps a professional and respectable business. The elements a child care facility might use might be vastly different than the law firm down the block. Serious consideration to the perception of your customers is a must to creating the right experience for your customers.

By getting your signage and branding on point, you send a message that your customers can be assured of a seamless and professional experience with your business from start to finish.

There are signs that perhaps someone needs more care, like my dad.

Your business signs show that you care about your customers.

Because after all, life is about signs.