Ordinary Celebrations

Jennifer Van Waes

The past few months have been quite stressful to me with COVID and now with the unrest we see throughout the entire country, I'm weary. But I've decided that now, maybe more than ever, we need to keep celebrating the little things. (That is what we are trying to do each day at PECO.)

So here's a list of ordinary things I want to celebrate:

Eggs - I love eggs. I eat them every morning for breakfast, and darn it, it just makes me happy. Perhaps it's not the eggs - perhaps it's simply the mundane routine of getting my day going. No fuss. No debating. Just eggs...and some coffee, of course.

Sunshine - doesn't it just make you feel better to get out in the sunshine? Summer is probably my favorite season, so it's a good time for me to celebrate with friends and family outside. Fresh air and open skies do the soul some good.

Crickets - I really don't like insects of any kind, but listening to crickets means I'm enjoying a peaceful evening outside. We all need more of that kind of tranquility these days. 

Cafe Mochas - I know that specialty coffees can be expensive, but it's a small pleasure I afford myself from time to time. The aroma. The taste...and oh, the whipped cream. 


I know this is not my usual blog post for Signs and Such, but it felt good for a moment to imagine a world without stress and chaos. It felt good to celebrate the ordinary.

What's your list of ordinary celebrations?