Teardrop Flag



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Flag graphic package comes with a single or double-sided custom print, stand and spike base. With the default spike base, use these flags on any grass or soft, penetrable ground. Upgrade to an X-base to use on any hard ground outside, such as concrete, or indoors (ceiling height permitting). The banner design is customized to your graphic artwork, and is printed on a polyester mesh by the process of dye sublimation. Our inks heavily saturate the material to create a "bleed-through" effect for our single-sided displays such as this one. Black flag trim is sewn on the edge of the graphic (pole-side), leaving a pocket for pole insertion. A set of grommets are installed on the bottom of the trim in which the short bungee cord (included) can loop through and snugly attach the graphic to the base. 


  • Small 7.5', graphic dimensions  24"w x 82"h
  • Medium 9', graphic dimensions  33"w x 97"h
  • Large 12', graphic dimensions  41"w x 120"h
  • X-Large 15', graphic dimensions  

Package includes:

  • Pole
  • Spike Base
  • Printed Banner (Single or Double-Sided)
  • Carrying Case


  • Wind Speed Rating: 18-23 mph
  • Graphic Material: Mesh Fabric
  • Print Process: Dye-Sublimation